Rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis

The average hydrodynamic diameter, polydispersity, and zeta potential of PLGA NPs were characterized by dynamic light scattering and zeta potential measurements.

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The NPs were dispersed in doubly rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis water, finally containing 1. The average diameter of NPs was — nm, and each NP contained approximately 4— carboxyl groups available for covalent binding of peptides.

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This attachment strategy resulted in uniformly oriented peptides of the two types. B-cell purification Peripheral blood mononuclear cells PBMCs were isolated from healthy donors and RA patients as described previously [ 38 ].

A higher purity of B cells is needed for the peptide-binding and for the cytotoxicity assays. Antibody secretion was determined by ELISA from the supernatant of in vitro stimulated B cells, with plates coated as already described.

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The biotinylated βCit or βArg peptides were coupled to NeutrAvidin-labeled yellow—green microspheres 1 μm diameter; Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. The peptide-coated fluorescent microspheres were added to B cells at fold excess and the samples were incubated for 1 hour at 4 °C.

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The spots were developed after 18 hours by biotinylated detection rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis antibodies, streptavidin HRP, and substrate Mabtech. Pooled human serum or heat-inactivated serum was added at dilution for 1 hour.

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The bifunctional, fluorescein-containing NPs covered with the targeting βCit and the effector CNNQK peptides were added to B cells at fold excess, and then the samples were incubated for 1 hour on ice. Statistical analysis For the statistical analysis of data, the Mann—Whitney test Fig.

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